Our story

CROSSPOINT is a growing community of faith who cling to the unwavering importance of living life in close relationship to God and with each other. CROSSPOINT was founded on the understanding that God wants to meet His people today—and He wants to meet them with power. It is the power of God that changes lives and communities. That power is what builds His Church and that power is what will change your life! The story of CROSSPOINT is one of seeing God's power and grace moving among His people. But to understand the story, it’s important to first understand the foundation on which CROSSPOINT is built.

Nearly a century ago, in 1926, a group of students from LIFE Bible College began a series of tent revival meetings in Van Nuys, and a church was born. The First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys was birthed in revival, and that location continues to thrive today.

In 1969, Jack and Anna Hayford accepted a position as Senior Pastors of The First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys—soon thereafter becoming known as The Church On The Way. It began as a small congregation, but God’s glory was evident in that place and the church expanded with explosive revival. They became one of the first mega-churches in America with two campuses, a worldwide radio and television ministry, a college and seminary, and they saw multiplied thousands of people give their life to Christ. 

In 1999, Pastor Jack stepped down and Pastors Scott and Rebecca Bauer were installed as Senior Pastors, giving birth to a new vision that had two distinct new features.

First was to open a Spanish-speaking ministry - La Iglesia En El Camino. It was led by Pastor Jim Tolle, and became the largest Spanish-speaking church in the nation. 

The second part of this new vision was to open a north campus of The Church On The Way in Santa Clarita, that would serve as a gateway to the city of Los Angeles. The church purchased the Mann Theater Complex in the heart of Santa Clarita and began meeting in different facilities around the community while renovation took place on the old Mann Theater.

Pastor Bauer was suddenly called home to Glory in the fall of 2003 and subsequently Pastors Jim and Alice Tolle were installed as the Senior Pastors of The Church On The Way. 

The Church On The Way North Campus began meeting in their building on Palm Sunday in 2007 with about 400 people in attendance. It has steadily grown since then under the leadership of Pastors Doug and Christa Andersen. In June of 2008 it became a church plant to the city of Santa Clarita, and on August 10, 2008, Pastors Doug and Christa and their team were installed by the Foursquare District Supervisor at the time, Dr. Jack Hamilton, as the Senior Pastors of The Church On The Way Santa Clarita. 

With constant growth as the church continued to reach their community, this new work has lived with the same DNA of their founding church in Van Nuys. In 2009 Pastor Andersen heard the Lord calling the church to adopt a new and clearly defined purpose statement by which everything is prioritized and evaluated. The people of The Church On The Way Santa Clarita are called to be a people who are first“Loving God”—aligning themselves in proper vertical relationship with Him. Then they are called to be“Serving People”—this aligns their lives horizontally to the world around them. Loving and serving the people who Jesus loves and serves. Lastly, to be a people who are “Changing Lives”— the product of what happens when those first two purposes are fulfilled. Over the years it has been discovered that when loving God and serving people happens, lives will always get changed—and often their own lives too. This all comes from the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 27 when asked what the greatest commandment is.

37 Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

In 2014 a Spanish-speaking ministry began in Santa Clarita that reaches those in the community whose language, or hearts, resonate in Spanish. The group has grown significantly, uniting languages and serving the Spanish speakers in their community just like their founding church had in Van Nuys. The belief is that the church is one body with two arms—one in Spanish, and one in English. One congregation—two languages. 

2018 marked the 10-year anniversary as a Foursquare Congregation. During that year many things were looked at to ensure that ministry aligned with what they believe God is calling them to do in their future. It was at that time Pastor Doug felt the Lord encouraging them to emphasize small group ministry and even more significant, lead the church toward a name change. The Purpose Statement of “loving God, serving people, and changing lives” was examined and it was reconfirmed that in God’s efforts to see them align their lives vertically with Him (loving God), and horizontally reaching to the world around them (serving people), that they would continue to see lives changed. That crosspoint is “the intersection where lives are changed.” It was at that revelation that the name CROSSPOINT clearly became the name they knew God desired for them to be known as and would lead them into all He has for them in their future. So, in early 2019 the congregation officially adopted their new name. 

The Lord has been abundantly faithful to CROSSPOINT. There has been an extraordinary, ongoing work of grace poured out over the church. Lives have been changed, bodies healed, homes rescued, people delivered, truth perceived, love out-poured, leadership raised up, and ministry sent forth around the globe. The best days are still ahead for CROSSPOINT, to the glory and honor of Jesus Christ.

THANK YOU for reading the story of CROSSPOINT. Should you have the opportunity to visit a service or small group, you will be welcomed in with acceptance and the love of Christ that has been at work since the church began. The best is still to come!